New Release OUT NOW…. The Whooping Bird

The Whooping Bird – A short Story by Stuart Haywood

A short story I have had in my mind for a while now. It is a little different from the norm. I hope you like it – many thanks for all your support.


A gentle stroll in the countryside changed my life forever. One moment I was walking beneath an old railway bridge, the next, I was in a unfamiliar world which was still very much familiar to me. The geography was as I knew it, but this was a world covered in trees and wonderful blooms of all colours. My village was no more, the bridge was no more, just a pile of weathered stone. It looked as if nature had reclaimed what it had lost. I soon learned that I was not alone though, were we the only two beings on the planet? I had to find out, but at the same time strive to somehow return to my own existence.

Thank you and kind regards