Stuart’s Books

ZOO (The Original) – First Published in 2007

Bob Davidson retired from 22 SAS into an occupation he believed would be a contrast tozoo-new-01 the constant threat of death he had experienced over the last few years. The dawn was breaking around the zoo, as head keeper he knew it would be the busiest, and usually hottest day of the year. All was quiet until a strange object fell to earth obliterating the wildebeests. The day began normally until the animals began attacking  the visitors. Soon he had gathered a small band of survivors and became embroiled in a fight for survival as the animals, led by the Bengal tiger seemed determined to eliminate all humans. Police, and his old comrades from the SAS arrived and tried desperately to reach him and his small band.The animals show incredible intelligence and seem to be working together in their quest.

ZOO 2 (The Return) First Published in 2013

A series of disappearances baffle police. Detective Sergeant Mellissa Carlisle and her partner James Tyler are assigned to the case. She tirelessly searches for clues, but every cover-zoo-2-2016case seems to lead to a dead end.She finally confides in a close friend, Bob Davidson.  He has a sixth sense which brings back terrible memories of that day in Twyford zoo. A series of strange deaths attributed to animals confirm his fears, and soon he is embroiled in the hunt for the tiger. The situation is discussed at the very top level, and the Home Secretary , together with MI5 decide to grant Bob a free rein. He puts together a force, consisting of Police, Special forces, a contingent of three Para, and eventually a force of the US Marine Corps. Together they track the tiger to a secret government installation. Held within that installation could be the means with which to extinguish human life.This time, Bob is determined to end the beast’s reign of terror permanently.


PILLAR OF ROCK First Published in 2015

65 million years ago a catastrophic event caused the inhabitants of Mars to abandon theircover-final-fnal-2017 home world for a primitive planet close by. The evolution of mankind – was it natural or was the human race designed? 1099, during the siege of Jerusalem, a Knight discovers a golden box. He returns with it to England. It is safeguarded for centuries until 2014. Two factions need the box, both have the desire to use it for their own ends. But both will result in the annihilation of mankind. Detective Inspector Carlisle joins the quest when she is assigned to a murder case. She then finds that she is herself equally sought after. Mel teams up with a professor to solve the remaining clues leading to the box. From Derbyshire to Edinburgh Castle, they are pursued by the deadly Messorem. The White House and Downing Street have faith in the detective and assist in the quest. She finally has to decide which course of action to take once she recovers the artifact. To save humanity or to save herself.


GHETTO OF HELL  First Published in 2014


The Bechowicz family were no different from thousands of other families in Warsaw during the early part of the nineteen forties. But the fact that they were Jewish condemned them to a fate only firsthand experience could even begin to comprehend. The Nazi war machine systematically decreased the Jewish sector known as ‘The Warsaw Ghetto’, through murder, deportation and unthinkable horrors, to achieve ‘The Final Solution.’ Jan Bechowicz tries desperately to keep his family together and out of harm’s way. The uprising begins in April 1943 when he unwittingly becomes a key figure in the desperate struggle to stay alive, and one step ahead of the SS. A British Captain joins the courageous resistance group with the blessing of Winston Churchill, in aiding the fighters and sending back intelligence to London. This is a
story of survival against overwhelming odds, portraying the outstanding bravery and unselfish actions of the Jewish resistance fighters.



mabus-cover-jpgFirst Published in 2015

Members of the High Council are being brutally murdered. Not all Messorem assassins have been apprehended. Messorem Twelve is on a mission to find his brother and release him. Detective Inspector Mellissa Carlisle is called upon once again to track down this’ Reaper’ and prevent him from destabilising the world’s status quo. But he seems to be one step ahead of their every move.

The chase involving Special Forces from several nations takes them across the globe. Messorem Twelve employs the services of a Russian who has over one hundred kills to his name. The English Detective is the target of both.



First Published in 2016

cover-final-jpegAfter surviving yet another assassination attempt, Mellissa Carlisle is under close protection. Volkov is now totally obsessed with killing her. Utilising all his special forces training, he pursues Mel from Israel to the Appellation Mountains. It becomes a fight to the death in the forest after he strikes the first blow. She also learns a great deal more of how mankind was created – and how mankind could be eradicated









THE APOCALYPSE GATE – Mellissa Carlisle’s Final Mission

First Published in 2016



Mellissa Carlisle is soon to be Custos. But will there be a world for her to protect?

Actions in the middle, and far east result in a catastrophic event which obliterates Mecca. The world destabilizes rapidly as the destruction triggers a fleet of huge mother ships which have been dormant for millions of years. The Apocalypse Gate Protocol is initiated. The ships begin to systematically extinguish humankind. Mellissa Carlisle, and an old friend are mankind’s only hope of survival. The abort code is lost, and the supercomputer is preventing them from stopping the cleansing of the planet. It comes down to one of them making the ultimate sacrifice. Whatever the outcome, this will be Mellissa’s final mission.






A gentle stroll in the countryside changed my life forever. One moment I was walking beneath an old railway bridge, the next, I was in a unfamiliar world which was still very much familiar to me. The geography was as I knew it, but this was a world covered in trees and wonderful blooms of all colours. My village was no more, the bridge was no more, just a pile of weathered stone. It looked as if nature had reclaimed what it had lost. I soon learned that I was not alone though, were we the only two beings on the planet? I had to find out, but at the same time strive to somehow return to my own existence.




First Published in 2014

Many works have been Ripple Cover no pricepublished on Bolsover. They have provided, in depth, historical facts about the town. In the ‘Ripple’ series, the author moves away from the lengthy reference type publications. This book gives a more brief, story approach to the town’s history. This is the first book of the series and covers a broad spectrum of accounts over several thousand years. From early man passing through from the continent as they hunt, through to coal and the industrial revolution, and the part it played in shaping the landscape.