Stuart’s Painting Gallery

Hi, my friends say to me, “Why not put some of your artwork on your site?” so here are a few of my paintings and photographs. Hope you like them. I am in the process of having prints run off, so in the not too distant future they will be available as limited editions. Please return to the site from time to time to see details and also new images, as I build up the gallery.




Fishing Boats At Rest 164



BOAT OFFSHORE  Oil on canvas                             HIGH – LOW FALLS  Oil on canvas

Boat Offshore 157                    High Low Falls 183

STORM ON THE WAY   Oil on canvas

Storm on the Way 170

GOLDEN FOREST WATERFALL                                     FOREST AFTER THE RAIN

Oil on canvas                                                                          Oil on canvas

Golden Forest Waterfall (Small)131                 Forest After The Rain 184

AUTUMN LAKE  Oil on canvas

Autumn Lake111

ENCHANTED FALL                                                            ENCHANTED LAKE

Oil on Canvas                                                                          Oil on canvas

Enchanted Fall 161                    Enchanted Lake 112

RUGGED MOUNTAINS    Oil on canvas board

Rugged Mountain 196

TALL TREES                                                                        TWILIGHT BOAT

Oil on canvas                                                                        Oil on canvas

Tall rees 193                  Twighlight Boat 178

BOAT IN QUIET LAGOON     Oil on canvas

Boat In Quiet Lagoon 152